28 December 2005

Her First Noel

Naturally, since Daddy & Mommy were humbugging it, Christmas this year was all about the Monkey. We didn't know quite what to expect from her in terms of participation. She loved the Christmas lights, of course, but she'd initially seemed somewhat puzzled by the profusion of presents.

Then she discovered a wonderous thing: the bow.

Once she discovered (with much rejoicing) that she could yank the bows off the packages, she went on a rampage. She crawled around the entire stash and pulled the bows off every box, whether the presents were for her or not -- although 90% of them were hers, obviously.

She tasted every bow, then started ripping at the paper...and there was much rejoicing.

She wrapped up the evening with the ancient and ceremonial 'dance on Grandma' tradition...

...followed by a short photo session in front of the tree.

Note from the humbuggered parental fashion police: let it be known that we still think this cheesy Santa outfit is really, really goofy. It's a good thing she's cute.

26 December 2005

Big Gurl Stuff

It's been quite awhile since my last posting, and I'm growing up fast. Here are just a few of the Big Gurl things that I've been doing these days...

First off, I'm reading. I turn the pages by myself, and I like to read out loud. Since all the words are "bah", it's pretty easy for me -- I just say "bah, bah, bah, bah" a lot. Mommy & Daddy have been saying "Bah, Humbug" a lot lately, so I'm in good company.

I'm sitting up like a Big Gurl now, too. My feet almost touch the ground!!

A Big Gurl like me eats Big Gurl food, right? And everybody knows that the best Big Gurl food of all is -- a fruit smoothie, of course! I particularly like papaya and banana....

I've also been helping Daddy with the laundry....

I'm pretty good at this Big Gurl stuff....

Sometimes, while we're working on the laundry like this, I give Dad a sly look that makes him wonder if maybe he'll have to do some of the laundry again....

...but then I give him a raspberry and say "Gotcha!!" Well, that's what I mean, anyway -- but what I actually say is "Bah, Bah, Bah!!"

Last but not least, I'm driving now!

Ong Ba Ngoai hooked me up with some Big Gurl wheels for Christmas. Pretty slick, eh?

Vroom, vroom...SEE YA!!!

23 December 2005

Lights in the Heights & Hermann Park

Same Bat Hat...same Bat Sling...same Batty Daddy
...but different lights on different nights...
[and yes, we did actually see a bat!]

09 December 2005

Ong Ngoai, Smiling

Finally, some really good pictures with Ong Ngoai!

Check out my Baby Tai Chi pose in this one!

Jóvenes y de la manera

Austin again: we stopped by Manuel's for brunch on Sunday before heading back to Houston. David Pulkingham, Trinhity's godfather, was posing as a mariachi with a few friends.

"Wow! How come Dad can't make his guitar sound like that?!?"

More Austin Adventures: The Wedding

This time we came to Austin for a very special wedding: Michael & Yewande, one of Trinhity's godmothers. It's quite possible that we've never seen two people happier than this beautiful couple, and the ceremony was uplifting. Congratulations, you two! And Michael, welcome to the family! We're glad you're here.

Radiant, much?

This last shot is actually from the dinner party that we crashed at Kain & Juli's after the wedding. Thanks for including us, dudes!

More Austin Adventures

We took another roadtrip to Austin last week. This time, Dad let me drive. Here I am parking the car in the BlueBell Ice Cream factory parking lot.

"Of course, I'm a very good driver."

We also stopped again at the City Park in Giddings. This was my first time sliding on the big kids' slide. I'm quite excited, obviously.

05 December 2005

Wild America

Young and In the Way

Can you believe it? Daddy didn't know that there's supposed to be a natural hamonic in the "B" part of "Fisher's Hornpipe". Good thing I was there to show him how it's done....

Humph. Daddy says that I'm still not big enough to play his guitar. I bet that's what they said to Mark O'Connor when he was my age. Just you wait....

26 November 2005

Me, Dad, a Mouse, a Duck and a Zebra

WARNING: these pictures are sappy.
Nothing humourous here. If you want our usual twisted satirical spin on this so-called reality, check out the Thanksgiving pictures. If you want cute, sappy and painfully verbose, read on...

First, a sweet shot of ME. I'm wearing one of those fuzzy little terry pajama outfits with the feet that has sweet little animals stitched onto the front. This one has a precious little green mouse hugging a cute little yellow duckie, and it says "Baby Hugs".
All together now: "Awwwwwwwww."
Mommy & Daddy just *love* to hug me when I wear these outfits. They say it's just like hugging a little wiggly teddy bear.

Here's me with my fancy new over-sized zebra-print tennis ball. Mommy picked it out so that it would match the fringe on my new jeans. Schweeet, eh?

Did I mention that I'm now almost able to crawl? I am. I do this really sweet thing where I get up on my hands and knees and rock back and forth like I'm a bull about to charge. Or, not that I know anything about snow, but Dad says that it's also sorta like the rocking motion you do with your car when you're stuck in a snowdrift because you forgot to put on snowtires and you really, really don't want to get out and push.
Dad also said, "Don't ask me how I know about that, dear. I just know." Hmmm.
Anyway, sorta like Dad's lame car analogy, most of the time I just rock back and forth and get frustrated because I'm not really going anywhere. Then I go *splat* on my nose. I thought that's why my nose was so flat, but Mommy said "No, dear, that has to do with your Asian genes."
What does the word "rhinoplasty" mean?

So about this Daddy character. You can see from this picture that I'm still keeping a wary eye on him...

...but, well...I guess he's really not so bad.

25 November 2005

Thanksgiving Recipes

Since it's Thanksgiving here in the US, we thought we'd include our newest member of the family in this year's feast...


Well, OK. Not really.

You think this is twisted? Just wait until Christmas...

08 November 2005

Austin Adventures

Hi ya! Well, it's about time my parents took me to Austin -- they talk about it all the time. We finally went last weekend. Here are a few pictures from my adventures...

Since I slept through the entire 2.5 hour roadtrip, the 'rents thought they'd grab some coffee to wake me up. Where else to go for a nice cup o' java and a sunset than Mozart's Coffee Roasters on the lake?

Not a bad sunset, eh? I sure like the lake. All that water looks just like a huge Tummy Tub! And I saw a fish!! I think Daddy was excited that I saw it, but he was trying not to show it.

Aww...sweet family shot. Don't we all just look so...so...fat?!?

Speaking of my Tummy Tub, my folks brought it along. We stayed at the Casita Cage...Kodi & Taylor have done up their open-air shower all in slate. It's gorgeous. What a great background for some new Tummy Tub pictures, no?

You can tell that I dig this water thing, can't you?

OK, onto other good stuff. Dad really, really wanted to go have BBQ at The Salt Lick. Mama & I finally relented and let him go. As it turns out, I *really* liked it...

After the Salt Lick, we met up with my ungodparents, Kain & Juli, for dessert at Chez Zee's. MMMmmmm...sugar!!

We also got to see Auntie Glenda. She's always smiling...just like me!!

Now this guy is very, very cool. He's my godfather, David Pulkingham. This is the first time I've met him. I got to hear him sing and play guitar, and he even let me play tambourine with him! I think maybe I'll be a drummer. Or a guitarist. Or a cheerleader.

On the way home, we stopped in a little town called Giddings, Texas. Like every other small town on the planet, it has a Town Park. We chilled out here for a few minutes. I think they were trying to get me tired so that I'll fall asleep for the rest of the drive...but it didn't work -- muahahahahahah!!

Am I stylin' or what? I *am* GenZ.