26 June 2005

Baby Kung Fu: The Rematch

Ahh...I see you have returned for a rematch... Posted by Hello

Very well, then....now you shall feel my (gloved) baby fists of fury! Posted by Hello

Take THAT!!! Posted by Hello

And THAT!!! Posted by Hello

Young Grasshopper....I hope you have learned your lesson... Posted by Hello

And don't come back, or I shall be forced to taunt you a second time!! Posted by Hello

25 June 2005

Yellow Baby: A Series

Smell no evil... Posted by Hello

Spit no evil... Posted by Hello

Hey slick, how YOU doin'? Posted by Hello

Bright light! Bright light! Posted by Hello

Gurl-gle Posted by Hello

Ppphhhbbbbtttt! Posted by Hello

19 June 2005

Baby Kung Fu: A Series

Truly, you fight very well... Posted by Hello

But you are no match for my Baby Kung Fu... Posted by Hello

18 June 2005

Baby Parts: A Series

Parts# 1: Left Hand Posted by Hello

Parts #2: Right Hand Posted by Hello

Parts #3: Monkey Feets Posted by Hello

14 June 2005

Week Two @ Home

Greetings, earthlings Posted by Hello

I come in peace... Posted by Hello

Sacked Out on the super soft blanket from Aunt Julie Posted by Hello

Trinh dressed for the day, Daddy dressed for work Posted by Hello

Perhaps Daddy likes her... Posted by Hello

Trinh with Dee @ Nativiti Posted by Hello

Trinh on the Boppy Throne, laughing Posted by Hello

Trinh on the Boppy Throne, somber Posted by Hello

Trinh & Mommy, laughing Posted by Hello

Mommy kissin' on Trinh Posted by Hello

Power to the babies... Posted by Hello

I only *need* one glove, pal Posted by Hello