28 December 2005

Her First Noel

Naturally, since Daddy & Mommy were humbugging it, Christmas this year was all about the Monkey. We didn't know quite what to expect from her in terms of participation. She loved the Christmas lights, of course, but she'd initially seemed somewhat puzzled by the profusion of presents.

Then she discovered a wonderous thing: the bow.

Once she discovered (with much rejoicing) that she could yank the bows off the packages, she went on a rampage. She crawled around the entire stash and pulled the bows off every box, whether the presents were for her or not -- although 90% of them were hers, obviously.

She tasted every bow, then started ripping at the paper...and there was much rejoicing.

She wrapped up the evening with the ancient and ceremonial 'dance on Grandma' tradition...

...followed by a short photo session in front of the tree.

Note from the humbuggered parental fashion police: let it be known that we still think this cheesy Santa outfit is really, really goofy. It's a good thing she's cute.

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