30 January 2006

New Years' Festivities

You might think us tardy in posting pictures of Trinhity in her New Year's Day dress now, at the end of January. We were...ahem...uh, just waiting for the pictures from Tết / Chinese New Year!!

This might well be our favorite picture of the little one yet...

She was actually quite grumpy during this impromptu photo session...

"Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one, Dad."

We were bummed that these pictures didn't come out better. Dumb Daddy, forgot the fancy new-fangled camera. This is Trinh's first
áo dài (the traditional Vietnamese dress) at her first Tết, the Vietnamese celebration of Chinese New Year.

Chúc mừng năm mới!!

20 January 2006


We suffered through a fairly serious scare a few weeks back. At one point, it seemed that our bold, fearless daughter was afraid of -- sit down, get ready......rice.

Yes, that's right: rice.

Like most Asian families, we tend to buy Thai Jasmine rice in 25 pound bags, then divvy it up between the households and store it in large plastic containers. We let her play in the rice box because we thought she'd enjoy touching a new texture.

We were wrong. She was terrified. She recoiled and made grotesque faces and strange noises.

Actually, it was hilarious...but we were also quite distraught. How could a daughter of ours possibly dislike rice?

Fortunately, after her third encounter, she seemed less frightened.

In fact, a few minutes into the encounter pictured here, she even started to like it. You see where this is going, don't you?

Yup, you guessed it: she quickly moved beyond fear and curiosity into fascination, then quickly began throwing the rice. Heaven help the other kids at the beach when she discovers sand.

Power to the rice babies!!

06 January 2006

Hat Show

Hitherto unknown to either parent, both of us seem to have a mild obsession with baby hats. Daddy found a fairly spectacular post-Christmas hat sale at Gymboree a few weeks back, and he bought what he thought was a disgusting number of hats.

Two days later, Mama went back and bought even *more* hats! Hey, they were really cheap...what could we do? Here are some of the results...

In Daddy's humble opinion, this last one is a real gem. In honour of our dear Canuck friends, we've dubbed this her "touque". Pretty neat, eh?

Secretly, I think she's doing her best impression of Doug McKenzie; that scares me, obviously, but I'm slightly and curiously proud as well. I've already shown The Rant to her, but I don't think she quite gets the joke yet.

That's OK...nobody else down here got it either.

03 January 2006