06 January 2006

Hat Show

Hitherto unknown to either parent, both of us seem to have a mild obsession with baby hats. Daddy found a fairly spectacular post-Christmas hat sale at Gymboree a few weeks back, and he bought what he thought was a disgusting number of hats.

Two days later, Mama went back and bought even *more* hats! Hey, they were really cheap...what could we do? Here are some of the results...

In Daddy's humble opinion, this last one is a real gem. In honour of our dear Canuck friends, we've dubbed this her "touque". Pretty neat, eh?

Secretly, I think she's doing her best impression of Doug McKenzie; that scares me, obviously, but I'm slightly and curiously proud as well. I've already shown The Rant to her, but I don't think she quite gets the joke yet.

That's OK...nobody else down here got it either.

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