18 February 2006

Exciting Developments #4 & 5

We weren't sure it would be possible to combine two Exciting Developments into a single picture, but here goes...

Do you see 'em? There are three little toothies down there! They've been around for awhile, actually...and you can't even see the most recent ones: one more on the bottom and one on the top.

But surely you're asking, don't three little toothies make for three Exciting Developments -- or perhaps even five? But you've advertised only two!

Well, while we can assure you that each and every one of those toothies was an exciting (read: excruciating) development unto itself, we're treating all the toothies as one big and very Exciting Development that apparently will linger on for a long, long time. It's better for our sanity that way.

Thus, there's another Exciting Development portrayed in this same picture...do you know what it is? Please post your guesses -- 25 words or less -- as Comments against this post. The answer will be revealed in the next Exciting Development. Stay tuned!

14 February 2006

The Playground

As part of our on-going attempt to embrace the amenities of our suburban neighborhood, we've been dutifully taking Trinhity to the local playground...

Sappy enough? Indeed.

10 February 2006

Exciting Development #3

We're still running a few weeks late -- these shots were actually taken in late January -- but the latest Exciting Development is...climbing stairs!

Going up is fine...she hasn't quite worked out how to get down, though. Maybe next month!

04 February 2006


Now, for something completely different: a pictureless blog entry.

[Daddy] As I walked out of our statistically average home in suburban Houston carrying my sleepy daughter tonight, it struck me again how utterly boring our subdivision is, and how much I dislike it. Despite having no legitimate grounds whatsoever for complaint, I do wish ardently for an accessible clutch of wilderness where Trinhity could discover the wonders of nature -- and perhaps with her, I'd rediscover a few myself. An aspen grove set beside a clear, cold, tumbling mountain stream comes first to mind, but a pine forest with chattering squirrels would also do nicely. A steamy, mysterious jungle doesn't sound bad -- hell, even a boring old flat of sagebrush and cactus and prairie dogs would suffice.

It's the variation I miss most, the seasonal changes and the way things in nature tend to move and grow and change in ways that I didn't expect. The meager suburban homage to things green and growing tends to be manicured and predictable, nearly lost amid the SUVs and brick facades, and beholden to seasons I don't yet easily perceive. When I mentioned this frustration to my wife, she pointed out that my lovely wilderness is also populated with plenty of nasties -- mosquitoes, wasps, bears, snakes, scorpions and their ilk. Here in town we've got fire ants in the lawn, she continued, but they spray for skeeters. "Whereas in your beloved mountains," she finished dryly, "the only creatures you've ever shown me are mosquitoes and trout."

Hmmm. Point well made, but I digress.

As Trinhity & I strolled down our street in the gathering twilight, she fought off the sleepies (as she usually does) with curiousity -- a need to see whatever can be seen. As we passed under a large elm tree, she leaned back in the sling to look at the branches. Supporting her arching little back, I stepped out so she could also see the newly lit (yawn) streetlight.

She saw the lamp, but then her expression changed as she fixated on something else: the moon. It was a mere sliver tonight, but this was clearly the first time she'd noticed it. She was fascinated...awestruck. Slowly, her right arm extricated itself from the sling and extended towards it. Her wrist and tiny fingers performed a most graceful twist as she tried to -- can you believe it? -- touch the moon.

I was floored. First off, who's never seen the moon? Everybody's seen the moon, right? And everybody knows that you can't touch it, right?

Well, no...not quite everybody.

When her grasp came back empty, she quirked her head and turned to me with an expression somewhere between bewildered and bemused. Her eyes asked for an explanation that I couldn't provide -- and truth be told, don't want to give. For a few fleeting moments, we were no longer trapped in suburbia, marginalized by brick and steel, or pestered by nasties. We were merely two souls adrift on the earth, gazing up at the twilight sky...and only one of us believed that the moon is out of reach.

Exciting Development #2

Call it a "new awareness of the intransigence of objects unseen". In other words, our little one has discovered The Freezer.

Along the way, she has also developed a fascination for the refrigerator, closets, drawers, cabinets, boxes and the inside of Daddy's guitars. But these pictures from her discovery of the freezer were definitely the most amusing.

And no, don't worry, we aren't feeding her the ice cream (or cheesecake, in the first picture). At least, not directly. That's Mommy's ice cream, you see...who knew that they sold sanity in the freezer section of your neighborhood grocery store?

01 February 2006

Exciting Development #1

There have been a number of exciting developments recently. Here's the first installment...

No, the big development here isn't Starbucks. Actually, Daddy & Trinhity have been taking regular strolls to Starbucks since Trinh was only a month or so old, and all the regulars at our local branch know her by name. Walking in a light rain with an umbrella was a novelty that she quite enjoyed, but that's not the new development either.

No, the exciting new development that we're heralding here is...drum roll, please...drinking from a straw. When she reached for a straw last month, we weren't quite sure she knew what she was about...and she wasn't. Boy, that must've been a surprise, eh?

Since then, she's improved rapidly. She still hacks occasionally, and sometimes she gets distracted before she swallows -- always amusing. She definitely prefers the bendy straws, though. Will wonders never cease?