01 February 2006

Exciting Development #1

There have been a number of exciting developments recently. Here's the first installment...

No, the big development here isn't Starbucks. Actually, Daddy & Trinhity have been taking regular strolls to Starbucks since Trinh was only a month or so old, and all the regulars at our local branch know her by name. Walking in a light rain with an umbrella was a novelty that she quite enjoyed, but that's not the new development either.

No, the exciting new development that we're heralding here is...drum roll, please...drinking from a straw. When she reached for a straw last month, we weren't quite sure she knew what she was about...and she wasn't. Boy, that must've been a surprise, eh?

Since then, she's improved rapidly. She still hacks occasionally, and sometimes she gets distracted before she swallows -- always amusing. She definitely prefers the bendy straws, though. Will wonders never cease?

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Anonymous said...

Where are what I'm sure will be adorable Easter pics??