18 April 2006

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17 April 2006

A Community Project: Baby Signs

Not surprisingly to many, we've fully embraced the "Baby Signs" approach. So has Trinhity. Thing is, while we thoroughly enjoy her various expressions and motions, we haven't a clue what she's trying to say.

Can you help? Please post your comments...what is Trinhity saying?

Bowing Out

With the bow...

...and without.

A Most Judicious Use of Marabou

Does every baby girl's first Easter dress require a fringe of pink marabou feathers? Probably not. Trinhity's certainly did, though. Mama added the puffs of feathers to this dress, and Daddy is still tying flies out of the leftovers...Barbie Buggers, naturally.

04 April 2006

Exciting Development #7

clapping ~ vá»— tay