18 May 2006

Exciting Acquisitions #1 & 2

Well, summer has officially arrived in Houston...hot, sticky days and plenty of mosquitoes.

So, naturally, being the eternal suckers that we are, we broke down and bought Trinhity a *massive* wading pool. It has its own hot tub (of sorts), a slide, a palm tree that shoots water, and an impressive whack of balls and inflatable toys.

For junk like this, Walmart just soooooo rocks.

I particularly like this last shot. It's her soon-to-be patented (future) movie star "distant, faraway" look.

So that's Exciting Acquisition #1...baby got a big ole honkin' pool.

Did you notice Exciting Acquisition #2? It's visible in 4 of the 5 pictures posted here. Post your guesses as comments, as usual.

10 May 2006

More Baby Signs

We're very pleased to post another entry dedicated to Baby Signs. What's Trinh saying?

We think this one was "Daddy, give me the camera!"

This one is quite clear to us; it's one of our usual games. It means, "Where are the birdies?" Or, in language that Trinh understands, "Con chim ở đâu?"

This isn't really a Baby Sign, per se. What she's saying is, "I can't see the birdies because of this stupid &#$% hat!!"

"Much better. Now, where are those birdies?"

"Wait!! Now where's my hat?!?"

"Ah, phew! Thank you."

And last but not least, a proper ASL sign! (proud papa, much?)


03 May 2006

Schroeder Grows Up!

Perhaps you saw the previous posting about Schroeder & Barbie. Well, even if Schroeder did get his start on a Barbie piano, he eventually moved up. So has Trinhity.

Matt Oprendek graciously allowed Trinhity to commandeer his piano bench at church last Sunday -- after the service, of course. Many thanks to Carol Barnwell for the great pix!!