10 June 2006

Colorado I: The House

As some of you know, we recently flew up to Colorado for the high school graduation of Trevor, one of Trinhity's cousins on the Clark side. Scott, Brian's brother, & his family live on a 50-acre ranch on the plains just east of Colorado Springs.

They seriously rolled out the hospitality wagon for us: loaned us some serious wheels, gave us a private apartment (of sorts) all to ourselves, fed us like royalty, and took us to go swimming in an ice cold lake...more on that in a later post.

They also entertained our child. Or perhaps she entertained them. All of us were entertained, that's the point. Trinhity loved the whole experience, but we'll start with some shots from The House.

First, the Princess had a pint-sized rocker all to herself...

We played with bubbles...

Great toys they had for us, too. For instance, we played in a box...

Then we put the baby into the box with...well, the baby.

All that was great fun. But what's a party without beer?

That's good beer too, I might add -- it's Colorado-brewed Fat Tire Amber Ale. Note to CPS: don't worry, the bottle is empty by this point. Good thing too, because you see where this is headed...right? Oh yes.

Methinks we should quit there. Next series: The Great Outdoors. Stay tuned.

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