10 June 2006

Colorado II: The Great Outdoors

As mentioned in the previous posting, Scott's family lives on a ranch east of Colorado Springs. Suffice to say, the scenery and amenities are subtly different from suburban Houston, and Trinhity devoured it. She woke up very early every morning, fought sleep every night, and implored someone, anyone to take her outside in between.

The following shot was taken one of those early morning jaunts around the prairie where she & Daddy chased cows across the pasture (in part because we had no luck whatsoever keeping up with the antelope and jack rabbits) and generally explored the place.

It took awhile, but Trinh finally got over some of her shyness with the dogs. She didn't quite hug any of them, but she certainly looked forward to not quite touching them.

At the graduation picnic, she got up-close and personal with a slightly smaller and considerably less hairy friend: a ladybug.

She also posed for a few precious shots...

Now, for some memories close to Daddy's heart: her first trout stream.

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