12 June 2006

Trinhity's First Birthday Bash

Many thanks for the kind birthday wishes that Trinhity has received from many of you!

The big day was Monday, 5th June 2006, and we had just a small family shin-dig on Sunday night at Grandma & Grandpa's place. We raided Party City for balloons and a few decorations...

...and Huong made a gorgeous ice cream cake from scratch. How amazing is that?

Trinh wasn't very fond of her Happy Birthday tiara, but she was otherwise quite festive...

We didn't waste much time before digging into that yummy ice cream cake...

While she's not a big fan of ice cream (or anything sweet, really -- wonder how long that'll last?), Trinhity did actually use a spoon for some of her cake...as opposed to her own fingers (or someone else's).

After the cake, we sat down to blow up the fancy new inflatible pool that from Ông Bà Ngoài.

Nothing like kicking back in your comfy new digs with the remote, eh?

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