15 July 2006

Irrational Swedish Consumption

Remember our posting a couple months back about the massive wading pool, the one we bought at Wal-Mart because we're complete suckers? Well, fools that we are, we ventured into Ikea last week.

Everything was fine until we hit the kids' section. Even that wasn't too bad at first -- a MULA here, a MULA there...even the pink & green PYRE wasn't out of control. But you see, we'd come in search of furniture -- I mean, after all, the girl has a Barbie Princess Teaset now, she needs a table and chairs for her bedroom, right? That's in addition to the very pink picnic table that Auntie Mai so kindly provided, of course.

Thing is, you just never know when you're going to stumble across a PS LĂ–MSK. Trinhity found one, climbed in, plopped down and looked up at us with this huge smile and...well, you see where this is headed:

Fortunately, Trinhity is exceptionally helpful...

...and she's good with her hands...

...although sometimes she needs to concentrate extra hard.

She's already showing some proficiency with power tools.
"Dad, you need to reverse it, see?!?"

And where would a baby be without her trusty Leatherman Tool?

Last but not least, she knows how to relax after a job well done...


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