04 August 2006

Cali: The Mountains

A good friend recently tried to convince me that summertime in Houston has a great deal in common with wintertime in Montana. Utter nonsense, right?

But wait...think about it in terms of hibernation: in places with the sort of winter that keeps out the riff-raff, folks tend to flee from warm houses into warm cars, then into warm offices, schools or restaurants, then back home again. When it's 30 degrees below zero (Fahrenheit or Celsius, take your pick), only the hearty or foolish spend much time enjoying the outdoors. The more sensitive (or sensible) souls stay inside. In short, we hibernate.

I hate to say it -- both because it means admitting that he's quite right and because I then have to explain again why we live here -- but that's an entirely valid description of summer in Houston: you reluctantly duck from your air-conditioned house into an air-con car that conveys you to somewhere else with A/C, then back home. Along the way, I tend to eat too much and exercise too little, and I'm pale as a sheet. Grrrrr.

All of this is to explain why our recent trip to California was significant: not only because it was Trinhity's first trip to the Pacific, but also because it was, in a sense, an emergence from hibernation. It was nice. Really, really nice.

Naturally, we took a few pictures. The primary reason for the trip was Catherine & Albert's wedding near Tahoe, but we also spent a few days in the South Bay and Monterrey. We'll start with some shots from the Sierras...

This was taken at Donner Lake near Truckee, California, during the wedding rehearsal. The day was hot but the water was chilly; neither extreme fazed Trinhity in the least.
These next shots were taken on a stretch of the South Yuba River that flows through the lovely property where we stayed, Shinneybook Creek Cabins.

"It was just nice to be out."

In fishing-code, that means the fishing was lousy. It was, but the river was beautiful and the weather pleasant...and for all that, Trinhity & I *did* manage to catch a quite respectable trout!

And in contrast to summer in Houston (see invective above), it was a slice of heaven to have clear, cold, musical mountain water (and big rocks! and big trees!) just a few minutes' hike from our cabin.

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