20 September 2006

Water Baby

Water seems to be a recurring theme in Trinhity's life. She's completely at ease and rarely happier than when she's in the pool...

We're all about dunking the Daddy...and that sorta thing works up a serious appetite!

18 September 2006

One More Wedding

We hit yet another wedding last weekend...another cousin of Huong's, and in Houston this time. As usual, we took pictures mostly of Trinhity.

Naturally, we got a few shots with Grandma...

This next one includes Bà Vang, on the left. Alert readers will note that she was last seen on this blog at her son's wedding in Washington DC. She made the trip to Houston for this one as well.

And, of course, a couple family shots.

Well, at least we're all sorta smiling...

11 September 2006

DC: the Saint

We bring you an unexpected announcement of possible paranormal activity related to our daughter, Trinhity. In the photograph below, note the staggering similarity of her wardrobe to that of the saint in the framed picture.

You're probably thinking that the big white spot is the camera flash, and you're probably right. But what if it isn't? What if it's really a Ghost Orb? Maybe it's really an extension of the Saint's halo, a digitally-captured expression of "the light of divine grace suffusing the soul, which is perfectly united and in harmony with the physical body."

What if it's a reflection of Trinhity's halo? Then what? Nothing, probably. But it's amusing to ask, no?

You see, this picture was taken innocently at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Reston, Virginia, where the wedding was held. I'd remembered only that the church was called "St. John's", so I was initially rather confused as to the identity of the saint pictured. Try as I might, I just couldn't figure out how Saint John the Apostle would have gotten himself such modern headgear.

Speaking of headgear, Trinhity didn't keep that hat on for very long.

As you can see, the only halo she's got is a thin layer of light brown hair -- that pretty much shoots down any paranormal connections. Besides, according to strict doctrinal interpretations, halos related to the Trinity are supposed to be triangular. Oh well.

Honest, we didn't set these up. It just so happened that Trinhity arrived at the wedding dressed exactly like the church's patron saint. That's just *gotta* mean something profound on a metaphysical level...I just haven't figured out what.

04 September 2006

DC: At the Wedding

Now to the wedding. First off, a picture of the happy couple, Michael & Kelly. Congrats!

You may be wondering who these people are. The short answer: they're cousins. The longer story is that Michael is the youngest son of Bà Vang, pictured below between Huong & her mother, Kim...

Bà Vang, in turn, is Kim's aunt -- the daugther of her father's brother. So I think that makes her our Great Aunt, and that would make Michael a cousin. Or something.

I won't even try to figure out all these folks just now,

but that's a fantastic shot of Trinh. Let's zoom in on that...

Hilarious, eh?

Here's a slightly more graceful shot of her blowing a kiss...

This was the fountain at the hotel where the reception was held. We're finding it increasingly difficult to keep her away from water, no matter how disgusting it might be.

Ewwwwww, gross!!!

02 September 2006

DC: At the Diner

What would a visit to the East Coast be without the requisite stop for breakfast at a diner?

Trinhity liked the juke box. Her first choice was These Boots are Made for Walking...the original version, naturally. We're progressive and all, but we aren't ready for her to be vamping Jessica Simpson just yet.

She liked the classic car model, too. So much so, in fact, that she tried to climb in and take a ride...

That didn't work out so well, but Van Gogh fit just fine.

Van Gogh is T3's little teddy bear, in case you were wondering. The name was Huong's idea; it's a spin on the Vietnamese words for "baby bear", con gấu. Brilliant, no?

01 September 2006

DC: Around Town

We took a trip to Washington D.C. back in August for a wedding. We only spent a few hours in the city itself...got a couple shots, though.

We also dropped by to visit an old friend of the family, Bác Hậu...the picture turned out great!

But truth told, Trinhity was more interested in chasing the geese than taking in the sights or socializing...