21 August 2006

Cali: On the Beach

We've finally arrived at the beach. We spent two nights at one of our favorite resorts in the Monterrey area, Marina Dunes. Cars are prohibited on the property to preserve the fragile dune environment, so they give you your own golf cart...

But despite the exceedingly cool golf cart thing, we were quite disappointed to discover that the service and facilities have fallen off dramatically since we lived in the Bay Area and frequented it regularly, but the prices have gone up. We probably won't be back.

Fortunately, they couldn't mess up the beach.

The resort sits atop the sand dunes adjacent to Marina State Beach, a protected marine sanctuary. It remains a very special place where dolphins surf the wave crests, otters frolic in the foam, and a handful of courageous if slightly dim surfers get munched by sharks or crushed by the raging surf every year. A massive flock of seagulls have created several fetid minefields, and the cheekier ones will poke through your bags when you're not looking.

The water is ridiculously cold, and never mind the shots above, the sun rarely shines. Washed-up jellyfish are plentiful, and heaven knows what else lurks in that surf. In short, it's a paradise of sorts. Trinhity loved it.
She's holding a rice cake in the pictures above, by the way. The sand dollars in the pictures below, however, she found herself. No smiles here, but she was awfully proud of them.
As some of you know, we've been teaching Trinhity a mess of Baby Signs. We figure she knows 30 or more now, many of them of her own design, some quite amusing. It's not exactly ASL, but this is her sign for "more, please". She's also figured out how to drop the implied "please" when she's serious about something.

As for the parents, we're with her: more beach, please.

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