04 September 2006

DC: At the Wedding

Now to the wedding. First off, a picture of the happy couple, Michael & Kelly. Congrats!

You may be wondering who these people are. The short answer: they're cousins. The longer story is that Michael is the youngest son of Bà Vang, pictured below between Huong & her mother, Kim...

Bà Vang, in turn, is Kim's aunt -- the daugther of her father's brother. So I think that makes her our Great Aunt, and that would make Michael a cousin. Or something.

I won't even try to figure out all these folks just now,

but that's a fantastic shot of Trinh. Let's zoom in on that...

Hilarious, eh?

Here's a slightly more graceful shot of her blowing a kiss...

This was the fountain at the hotel where the reception was held. We're finding it increasingly difficult to keep her away from water, no matter how disgusting it might be.

Ewwwwww, gross!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am not sure how the branches of YOUR family tree grows (something like st augustine perhaps), but this explains a lot...

typically, in my country, "the daugther of her father's brother" is a cousin... not an aunt.

i think you mean:
Bà Vang, in turn, is Kim's aunt -- her father's (youngest) sister