16 October 2006

King Louie's Rant

Stop holding your breath...the time has finally arrived: it's the long-awaited release of Trinhity's first music video.

We generally aren't fond of video here at T3 Productions. It takes too long to convert, edit, upload...all that jazz. And if it's not digital, what's the point? Thing is, Daddy's a rotten cameraman, so that means we're usually converting, editing and uploading bad video.

This bad video clip, however, was worth the effort. The soundtrack is a wonderful Latin cover of the classic Louis Prima tune "I Wanna Be Like You" from Disney's animated movie, The Jungle Book. This version, dubbed "King Louie's Rant", is played by Ta Mere, a musical vehicle of Trinhity's godfather, David Pulkingham.

It's a family thing, so to speak. Enjoy.

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