22 November 2006

Austin, again

We managed a quick work + pleasure trip to Austin last weekend. Good fun, got to see a lot of dear friends and kick around in town we truly enjoy. David (Trinhity's Godfather) & Kathy kindly whipped up a splendid dinner, and we spent a couple great hours hanging with them.

Naturally, they invited our old mutual friend Carlos Vives along; his presence instigated this video clip. Apologies for the hideously poor quality, but there are two gems here:
  • First, the part where Trinhity methodically sets down each of her maracas and picks them up again. She did that several times over the evening; I don't have a clue what's going on in her head, but there's clearly logic to it. Perhaps this won't make sense, but it's those little things that captivate me most about this precious creature. She's got ideas about stuff...someday I hope she shares some of them with me.
  • Second, there's that precious little bit of Latin Motion just before she strolls off. Enjoy.

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