01 November 2006

Hathor Returns

For Daddy, Halloween started with a bang -- quite literally. Given that we just fell back an hour with the time change, Trinhity awoke at some ridiculous time like 5:45 AM and whacked me in the face. I sleepily staggered out of bed with the sleepy child and stumbled down the hall to the guest bedroom where I left her with a sleepy Mama. Then I crawled back to bed for a few more minutes of quasi-sleep before crawling into the shower around 6:30 AM.

Having taught myself the dangerous art of shaving with a blade in a dark shower, I'd left the lights off so as to retain the illusion of sleep. Next thing I knew, there was a blood-curling "waaaaaah" combined with a crash of metal on glass!!!

It quite literally scared the living bejeebies outta me, whatever they are. Not fake scared, either. I mean, I went from near-comatose to wide-eyed, arms flailing, plastering myself to the back wall of the shower. You saw Psycho? Not quite like that -- less blood, more hairy...uh, never mind. Point is, it was damned scary, okay?

When I opened my eyes, of course, I saw a precious little cherub with her face pressed against the shower door, smiling, yelling "dahdah", and whacking the glass with a metal flashlight (torch). How entirely fitting for Halloween morning: to be scared silly by a mere toddler.

Enough babble. You're here to see pictures, right? I'm pleased to announce that Hathor, the cow goddess, has graced us with another visit. Alert readers may recall that Hathor visited us last year about this same time -- except that last year it rained cats and dogs on Halloween Eve (is that redundant?) in Houston. Thus, we invited her back this year for another go...

Those three shots came from a pre-Halloween party at Lifetime Fitness. She won Honourable Mention in the costume contest! We think she'd have won if she'd have mooooo'd.

On Halloween Eve (still redundant?) itself, Hathor made the rounds of the neighborhood with Daddy-O. Most of the neighbors focused on Hathor, of course...but it should be stated that one of the 11-year olds said that Daddy-O's outfit was "tight". Hmmmmm.

Trinhity has been doing this "waaah" thing to everyone for a number of weeks. It's very, very scary. Here we are being uber-scary...

And, of course, here's Trinhity enjoying the spoils of all her ferocious waaah-ing...

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