03 December 2006

Little Pieces of the Sky

On our last trip to Austin, David (as in Pulkingham, Trinhity's godfather) gave us a CD from one of his bands: Little Pieces of the Sky by the Crying Monkeys. It's a compilation of some 18 pieces of choro music ("cry" in Portuguese), a fairly obscure but intensely charming genre of 19th century Brazilian jazz.

Last night we threw a minor dinner party for another transplanted couple we know here in Houston who has two kids now. Like us, they like to think that they also used to have lives. I kicked Little Pieces of the Sky the whole time they were here, but I wasn't sure if anyone actually listened or not.

When it came time to dance Trinhity down to sleep, I went to put on her usual easy-listening sleepy-time choice: the Crazy Frog techno remix. But then she saw the Crying Monkeys jewel case and suddenly decided that she'd prefer a chorinho instead. She likes monkeys, you see.

She did her little reaching arm jive thing to the first few bars of Noites Cariocas ("Rio Nights"), then sacked out on my shoulder. Pedaçinhos do Céu ("Little Pieces of the Sky") started; she perked up, quirked her head and said "Yeeaaah", then went back to my shoulder. A third tune started...she popped up, shook her head violently, said "Nooo.....baaaah!!!" (back) and demanded that I play the title track again. She was sound asleep by the end of the second round.

It turns out that someone *was* listening last night.

I was amused that she'd taken a shine to techno and hiphop, both of which I originally despised but have come to genuinely enjoy over recent years. But at 18 months for her to have strong opinions about a venerable form of Brazilian jazz? I'm rather pleased.

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