14 January 2007

yo yo yo

It seems I'm always writing about T3's bedtime music ritual. Perhaps that's fitting: it's a 15-minute snippet near the end of each day that I look forward to, a few minutes of near-zen where nothing else matters but the music and my daughter.

There wasn't much to write about last week. We were returning Christmas stuff at a store, and in a stunning (but welcome) departure from tired Christmas carols, they played "Oh Yeah" by Yello (from the album Stella), a song made famous by Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Surely you remember? I dug out that old CD, and we fired it up at bedtime. She's got the "booom" part down, but she hasn't quite mastered the "chick...chicka, chickah" thing. Next month.

Today during our breakfast ritual we found a newspaper section left by someone with a big picture of Yo-Yo Ma; he's coming here next week to play the Dvořák. She pointed to his cello and started strumming, her sign for guitar. I said, "No, dear, that's a cello. And that's Yo-Yo Ma."

She instantly repeated "yo yo". There was also a picture of Itzhak Perlman; she tried to say "Itzhak" too, but with less success.

When we got home, I hauled out a dozen or so Yo-Yo Ma albums, and we sorted through them. She picked one to play, Solo, a 1999 release of unaccompanied works with a clever cover photo. The first tune, Appalachia Waltz, was written by Mark O'Connor and originally appeared on the eponymous album recorded with Edgar Meyer.

Those three guys stand alone in my pantheon of musical heroes, and that's one of my favorite tunes. It's solemn and moving, mournful yet stately. It's perfect for a cold, rainy night like tonight.

When we got downstairs at bedtime, I asked what she wanted to hear. She said, "Yo-Yo!". We played the tune once while I paced the floors in the dark with her perched on my shoulder, and she seemed to listen closely. When it ended, she murmured, "yo...yo...yo...", then said "buh-bye". Then she drifted off to sleep.

01 January 2007

Mai Little Tea Party

Back in July, Auntie Mai gave Trinhity two very pink gifts: a Barbie Princess Tea Set and a miniature picnic table. It was only this week that we finally got those two things together.

BTW, that's k.d. lang's version of a great song from the late '40s called Black Coffee.