31 December 2006

More Egg, Please...

One of the regular morning traditions that Trinhity & I have -- this is the Daddy typing -- is to eat breakfast at La Madeline, a local French bistro. Although the clientèle is usually rather stodgy and gray, the food is good. Most importantly, LeMad has the distinct virtue of opening at 6:00 AM, an hour that Mama would prefer never to see.

One morning just after Christmas when Mama was asleep, we slipped outta the house and made a LeMad run. Just as we were finishing the eggs, a nice little old fur-and-bangled lady rambled over and gushed something like, "Oh, it's just so wonderful to see you young fathers out with your children. My, my, isn't she a doll? That's the most adorable hat...and I just looove those shoes!"

Actually, she wasn't so little. She had numerous chins, drooping jowls and her thick blue eye-shadow would've been more fashionable back in 1985 -- on a 14-year old. While she was chatting, Trinhity started pointing at her and using a sign: she put the back of her right hand under her chin and flapped it up and down.

She uses that sign to mean two different things: either "dirty / gross" or "elephant". We usually know what she means by the context; in this case, I wasn't so sure.

The lady asked what she was doing. "Er, she's using sign language," I stammered. "Well, what is she saying?" she crooned.

Uh-oh. "Ahem...erm...I think that means, 'more egg, please'."

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