31 March 2007

Zoo: random shots

On the bouncy bridge...

That was up on the eagle's nest. She didn't want to get down.

That was in a tunnel with a plexiglass dome that gives you an intra-town peek at a prairie dog community. Somewhat anti-climatic in my book, but she dug it.

And last but not least, we promised a baby elephant...

Note what the baby elephant is doing -- it almost escaped!

Zoo: the turtle

On the way out, Trinh found this tortoise sculpture and climbed aboard.

Not satisfied with that, she got Mama to climb on with her too...

Zoo: the carousel

Trinhity *loved* her first carousel ride. She very carefully but confidently choose her steed, and I'm surprised we got away after only one ride. Next time it won't be so easy, I'm sure.

Zoo: the petting zoo

Zoo: the eagle eggs

We finally broke down and visited the Houston Zoo a few weeks back. They've got a baby elephant, and the weather isn't too brutal yet. But before we found the elephant, we found eagle eggs! Since Easter was yesterday (even though I'm back-dating the posting), it's seasonal...


Yoga Makes Me Happy

Huong (and I, to a lesser extent) has been practicing lots of yoga lately. Whenever either of us tries a poses here at the house, Trinh always tries it too. It's beyond cute, and we've been trying to get pictures. It's harder than it sounds.

Here are a few asanas from back in March:

That's an advanced (if slightly mangled) version of Adho Mukha Svanasana, better known Stateside as "downward-facing dog". How sweet is that?

That's Bhujangasana, aka "Cobra" or "upward-facing dog".

No idea what to call that, but it's precious. Namaste.

Car Wash Here!

We had a nice day a couple weeks ago, so we washed the cars. Trinhity helped!

Check this out -- she can use both the brush AND the washcloth!

That brush thing is heavy, though!

Le Petite Artiste, Deux

These are from the Houston Children's Museum. Among other things, we hit their painter's garret...

Le Petite Ambidextrous Artiste!

Sigur Rós

Since we don't have a TV, Trinh & I sometimes surf GooTube for videos. Last week while searching for an Elmo clip, we stumbled across a music video by the eclectic Icelandic group Sigur Rós. A dear friend of ours tried to drag me to one of their concerts last year; I couldn't go, but I did recognize the name.

We don't usually post external content here, but I deem this video to be a worthy exception. When you have six minutes or so to spare, check this out. Trinh & I were both captivated when we first watched it, and we've since included Glósóli in our SleepyTunes rotation. Enjoy!

30 March 2007

Having face on one's egg

Here's a short explanatory prelude for this photo. Trinh likes hard-boiled eggs, and they're great food for the road -- a little messy, but no more so than her favorite (wheat-free) junk food, Pirate's Booty, and much healthier.

We were busy driving somewhere last month, and we'd given her an egg to devour and smear all over her carseat. Huong & I were having our own conversation, and Trinh was happily munching and babbling to herself. We didn't notice what she was doing until she piped up to get our attention and said with a sweet half-smile, "Trứng có mắt."

Huong & I exchanged a confused look in the mirror. "The egg has eyes? What childish nonsense is that?" Note that both of us dearly love such childish nonsense....

Then with a sly mix of shyness and pride, she turned the egg around for us to see...

29 March 2007

Three Smiles (six, actually)

Redundant? Perhaps. I couldn't pick a favorite. Deal.

27 March 2007

...and speaking of fruit

Rodin in action, with fruit

25 March 2007

Chopsticks! Chopsticks!

And if that's not enough, at our house...we eat FEET!

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