08 March 2007

Almost Caught Up: Assorted

Wrapping up here with a few more random shots from February...

This was at Starbucks, naturally.

This was taken outside La Madeline (again), this time during Amber Alexander's brief but always enjoyable stay. Nobody ever visits us -- who wants to come to Houston? So thanks for coming down, Amber!

Let's call this the Gymboreery...

The shades *almost* stay on her nose now...

Wish this had come out a bit brighter...I love the feet. She practices daily!

There's some video from this little lunch session at Daddy's (former) office downtown. I'll try to get that edited and posted soon.

Our friend Debbie threw a ragin' Mardi Gras dealio for a crowd of toddlers and babies. We made masks! That's a shot of Daddy & Trinh working on her mask.

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