05 March 2007

Catching Up #7: The Great Kite Escapade

Bran's mother dearly loves to tell a story from an exceptionally windy day when he was 6 or 7 and resolutely determined to fly his new kite. A half-hour later, she ran to the window when she heard screams from the front yard. Brian had managed to tie himself to the lamp post with kite string. She had to use scissors to cut him loose.
He's still humiliated.

Now, however, we have a new story. A few weeks ago we took Trinhity out for her first official foray into kite flying...

However, there was an INCIDENT. The kite nearly escaped!

Perhaps it isn't clear what happened. The annotations on this photo should help -- if you're having trouble seeing them, click the photo to enter the Picasa Web Album, then click the magnifying glass, then click and drag with your mouse to scroll around within the picture:

Thus, we now have a new rule in our family...

...NEVER let the baby hold the kite string unassisted.

Don't ask us how we know this. We just know.

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