30 March 2007

Having face on one's egg

Here's a short explanatory prelude for this photo. Trinh likes hard-boiled eggs, and they're great food for the road -- a little messy, but no more so than her favorite (wheat-free) junk food, Pirate's Booty, and much healthier.

We were busy driving somewhere last month, and we'd given her an egg to devour and smear all over her carseat. Huong & I were having our own conversation, and Trinh was happily munching and babbling to herself. We didn't notice what she was doing until she piped up to get our attention and said with a sweet half-smile, "Trứng có mắt."

Huong & I exchanged a confused look in the mirror. "The egg has eyes? What childish nonsense is that?" Note that both of us dearly love such childish nonsense....

Then with a sly mix of shyness and pride, she turned the egg around for us to see...

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