17 March 2007

Sweet Baby Chim(s)

Quick vignet from tonight's ceremonious sleep dance. Trinh has been saying "happy" a lot lately: "Baby Happy." "Daddy Happy." "Baby Daddy Happy." "Happy Mommy Happy Baby."

By the way: damn straight on that last one, kiddo.

With all that happiness, I was obliged to kick the classic Bobby McFerrin cut, "Don't Worry, Be Happy." She dug the "doo-doo" refrain, then requested "Trust in Me" from Disney's Jungle Book. One spin through that, then onto the week's most requested tune: "Iko Iko". She prefers Cyndi Lauper over my scratchy live Grateful Dead version...girls just wanna have fun, I guess.

Anyway, some nights we turn off the stereo and I sing. Leonard Cohen's ballad "Hallelujah" regularly gets an airing...that'll have to get dropped soon. Sometimes it's Stephen Foster or Bob Marley or Lyle Lovett or Beyonce. Sometimes she wants me to sing stuff that doesn't have words -- like Mark O'Connor's "Appalachia Waltz". That's tricky.

A much-favoured oldie is still "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor. Great stuff. Usually I suggest these songs and she picks one, but tonight she requested SBJ by name.

EXCEPT that instead of "Baby James", she most definitely said "Baby Chims". "Chim" is the Vietnamese word for "bird". And even though VN doesn't express plurals by adding an 's' to the end of a noun, we sometimes do it carelessly around the house for fun. Uh-oh.

Boy, that's a whole different spin, eh? All this time I thought I was singing about a lonely cowboy humming by a campfire on the open prairie. All this time she thought I was singing about baby birdies.

I think I see where this is headed. It should be interesting.

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