20 April 2007

150 Things About Trinhity - Part Three

And without further ado, here's the final round in the 150 Things Triology...

101) Trinhity is ambidexterous. She can spoon-feed herself with both her right & left hand equally well. She can also use scissors with both hands.

102) She is usually asleep by 8:30 PM.
103) She is usually awake by 6:30 AM.
104) Between 8:30 PM and 6:30 AM she usually wakes up at least twice. Daddy sleeps with her, so he soothes her back to sleep and hopes that the ruckus hasn't woken up the Mama-san.
105) Sometimes this ritual involves Daddy staggering to the bathroom with Trinhity sprawled in his arms, then sitting on the toilet for 30 minutes with the (loud) fan running for white noise.
106) Sometimes this ritual includes dancing downstairs to "No Woman, No Cry".

107) Daddy often puts Trinh to sleep by dancing to music that she chooses. Historically this has included "Oh Yeah" by Yello, Cyndi Lauper's version of "Iko Iko", and recently, Glósóli by Sigur Rós.

108) Between 6:30 AM and 8:30 PM she usually eats a few times, has one or two naps, and takes a bath. That's as close to a schedule / routine as we've been able to achieve.

109) Trinhity has her very own castle. It sits in our den between the bookcase and the dining table. It has wall-to-wall carpeting and a splendid library.

110) When we go to a new place, she will often ask (in VN), "Whose house is this?"
111) Our house is referred to as "Trinh's house".

112) She likes to find fire ant hills and poke sticks into them.

113) She usually eats more if we take her out to a restaurant -- Japanese & Mexican are her two favorite cuisines. She's a regular at a few of our usual haunts, and the waitstaff knows her.
114) She eats sushi. And not just California Rolls anymore -- she likes raw salmon now.

115) She gets regular manicures and pedicures from Mama.

116) She often tells us when she has soiled her diapers. But after, not before.

117) She has had only 3 colds in 22 months, all of them after she was 12 months old.

118) To date, Trinhity has thrown three things into the toilet: a tennis ball, a baby doll and her comb. She has not yet flushed anything down that wasn't supposed to be flushed. At least, not to our knowledge.

119) She likes babies and wants a new baby in the family -- as long as it's a girl. And as long as she doesn't have to give up nursing. She has been very explicit about these terms. Honest.
120) She will *not* get a new baby sister until she gives up the boobs and sleeps through the night. Honest.

121) She will crawl into Mama's lap sometimes and say "Mama, talk with me."

122) She likes to play hide-n-seek.
123) She is a very good hider. She doesn't make a sound. We've lost her a few times.
123) She is definitely not afraid of the dark.

124) She is terrified of clowns.

125) She loves to read.
126) She has over 75 books that get read regularly. Roughly 25 of those get read every day or every other day.
127) Favorite authors include Dr. Seuss, Sandra Boynton and Jez Alborough.

128) She doesn't watch much TV, mostly because we don't have a TV.
129) She does, however, watch movies at nha ong ba ngoai.
130) Her current favorite videos are Jungle Book, Shrek, Lion King, The Little Mermaid and Monsters, Inc.
131) She will watch all of Jungle Book, only the first few minutes of Lion King, Little Mermaid and Monsters, Inc. -- and the beginning of Monsters used to scare her. She enjoys only the gross and violent parts of Shrek: the fight scenes and the burp / fart scenes. Sigh.

132) She is a daunting pillow fight opponent.
133) Before the match, she makes sure that all of her opponents are all armed with a pillow. Then she thrashes them mercilessly.

135) She likes to be upside-down. That's one of the first things she could say in English: "Trinh upside-down!"

136) Sometimes we watch videos on-line. Current favorites are Elmo + the Goo Goo Dolls, the new TMNT trailer, and Munny.

137) Trinhity has had two haircuts. This has yielded a whopping ONE inch of hair. All the clippings together wouldn't fill a tablespoon.

138) She has started to parrot what we say. Recent memorable repeats include: "quesadilla", "mayonanise" (drawled with a heavy Texan accent; we've never had mayo in the house before, and we tend to associate it with hot dogs and NASCAR), and "But you're naked!!"

139) A couple weeks ago Huong whacked her head on the kitchen faucet -- quite a sight, to be sure -- and said "Shit!". Trinhity crawled over to Daddy and whispered in his ear (in VN), "Mama said 'Shit!'."

140) She has Daddy's taste in cheese: Gruyère & Emmentaler. She'll occasionally eat provolone, but she seems to prefer the stronger tastes. She's never had Velveeta or so-called "American" cheese. So long as Daddy has a say about it, she'll never have to eat a non-cheese cheese.

141) One approach during our attempt to wean her has been for Mama to explain that some of her other little friends don't nurse. It took her awhile to comprehend that such a thing was possible; when she figured it out, she demanded that Mama nurse those babies too.

142) When she finds an iPod within her reach, she picks it up and tries to use it as a remote to control the stereo.
143) We've been able to substitute a small rectangular wooden block as an equally satisfying (and ineffective but less expensive) remote control.

144) She knows the difference between the hot and cold faucet, and she can reach them using her new stepstool. She sometimes prefers hot water.

145) She loves to cook, and she has her own small plastic kitchen with utensils. Her favorite dishes to (pretend) prepare are "meat" and "eggs".

146) She can brush her own teeth, and she doesn't do a bad job when she's serious about it.
147) She enjoys flossing.
148) She can use a toothpick. Sort of.

149) She has a pet ceramic frog in the backyard. She calls to it from the window. It has had its head glued back on once. That probably won't be the last time.

150) Trinh's two favorite playmates are Mommy & Daddy. This is a mixed blessing -- but a blessing, to be sure. And it won't last forever.

11 April 2007

Colorado: The Great White North

We were fortunate to catch a "perfect" snowstorm up in Colorado: not too cold, big fluffly flakes, no wind, and just wet enough to pack beautifully.

And of course, we made a snowman...

10 April 2007

150 Things About Trinhity - Part Two

Not only is it taking us forever to accumulate 150 Things About Trinhity, but we wouldn't want to read all 150 in one sitting. Thus we've broken them up into lots of 50. This is the second batch. Enjoy!

51) Trinhity can pick things up with her toes.
52) She can feed herself cereal with her toes.

53) Trinh never really learned to walk. She learned to run first (around 11 months), then slowed down somewhat.
54) She still trips over her own feet regularly.
55) Thus she almost always has a boo-boo on one knee or the other.

56) She wears a Size 4 shoe. Most kiddos her age are in a Size 6.
57) It depends on the brand, but she's still able to wear Size 12-18 months pants; they're short on her now, but the waist still fits.
58) Most of her tops are 24 months now, but they're far too wide for her.

59) Trinh is thin but of average height for her age -- at least by the American charts.
60) She weighs about 22lbs (+/-2lbs).
61) She is about 33 inches tall (+/- 2").

62) She can sing "Happy Birthday To You" in its entirety.
63) Sometimes she sings "Happy Birthday to Elmo".
64) Mama has figured out how to play "Happy Birthday" on the ukulele. Trinh sings along.

65) Whenever Daddy gets down his guitar to play, Trinh gets out her uke.
66) Trinh demands that we play with a guitar pick. She has a favorite pick.
67) No matter what Daddy is playing, she strums along on her uke and sings "Happy Birthday".
68) After a few strums, she puts the pick into the uke. Then she turns it upside down and starts to shake it.
69) After a few shakes, she comes over and takes Daddy's pick away. She throws that one into his guitar.
70) Then we both shake our instruments until the picks come out. Sometimes this takes a long time. Daddy tries not to get frustrated with this antic.

71) She has a great imagination and likes to play pretend.
72) Sometimes we tuck scarves into the back of our pants so that we can have "tails" and pretend we are horses. We gallop around the house.
73) Daddy answered the door last week with a tail. The UPS man was amused.

74) Trinhity loves Starbucks. She can recognize the sign and will ask to go "drink coffee".
75) She points at the lady in the Starbucks logo and says that she's swimming.
76) The barristas at our local Starbucks begin to prepare her signature drink -- tall decaf ice water -- as soon as they see her.

77) She hasn't a clue what Chuck E Cheese or McDonalds are. This pleases us.

78) She has recently been introduced to ice-cream. She likes it.
79) She will sometimes say (in VN, of course), "Daddy, go buy ice-cream for Trinh to eat!"
80) She has had ice-cream maybe 5 times now. She's hilarious when she's on an ice-cream sugar high.

81) She translates effortlessly between English & Vietnamese. She seems to prefer speaking VN, but she understands both.
82) Her vocabulary in VN is larger than Daddy's. Daddy is torn between being proud of her and depressed that all his hard-fought efforts to learn VN amount to the vocabulary of a 20-month old.
83) If Trinh says something that Daddy doesn't understand, she'll repeat it in English for him.

84) Trinhity knows the difference between VN people and non-VN people.
85) She seems to understand that not everyone speaks VN. She usually speaks VN to Asian people and English to everybody else.

86) She has been going to Gymboree classes for a year now.
87) She has been going to gymnastics classes for 2 months now. She *loves* gymnastics! She especially prefers the bars and rings.

88) Sometimes when she's in her carseat, she pretends that she's asleep.

89) She still likes to take baths in her Tummy Tub occasionally.
90) She also loves showers and baths in the big tub.
91) She desperately wants to do the water slides at the pool in the fitness center, but she's too little. This is difficult to explain to her.

92) She likes to hold hands.

93) The vast majority of her clothes are pink.
94) Her favorite color is blue.

95) She likes to hug plastic and ceramic lawn animals.
96) She also likes to feed them. She usually feeds them dirt and sticks.

97) She can draw a circle.

98) She likes the outdoors more than the indoors.
99) She likes to play in the rain. She has her own pink kitty umbrella with ears.

100) She likes to have conversations on the phone with Mama. She tells Mama whatever she's doing. "Mama, Trinh is sitting down." "Mama, Trinh's playing with dirt." "Mama, Trinh is standing up." "Mama, Trinh sees a bird." "Mama, Trinh is playing with bees." "Mama, Trinh is kicking the fire ants." Seriously.

09 April 2007

Colorado: The Clarks, in person

And just in case you were still confused about whose house it was after seeing those fancy signs, perhaps these pictures will help...

It took a couple promptings to get Trinhity to flip the "Welcome" sign over. Finally...

08 April 2007

150 Things About Trinhity - Part One

It has been mentioned in passing that this blog has lost its edge. I fear this is true. Not that this will save it, but in honor of our 150th posting on this blog (+/- a few), we offer some 150 Things About Trinhity.

We've blatantly stolen this idea from the witty chap over at the Daddy Forever blog. Slide on over and check it out.

Note that all of these are relevant for roughly the 22 month stage unless designated otherwise. Perhaps we'll do another one of these to mark future stages.

1) Trinhity likes potty humour.
2) When she starts to play with her dollhouse, the first thing she does is put her little dolls on their little doll potty.
3) Once she's made them go pee, she washes their little butts in the little doll sink. Then she laughs.

4) She's into nose picking.
5) She's also into booger eating. When we tell her that her boogers are gross. She looks at us gravely and replies, "No. They're yummy."
6) Then she offers her boogers to us.

7) She has a wheat allergy. She's never eaten pizza, or cookies, or cake.
8) Her favorite food is still white rice. Not brown rice, white rice.

9) Trinhity gives fabulous heart-melting bear hugs.
10) She also gives sweet, tender kisses.
11) Said hugs & kisses are frequently given randomly, at will.

12) She was a breastfed baby.
13) She is a breastfed toddler.
14) She will *not* be a breastfed teenager.

15) She has strong opinions about what clothes she wants to wear.
15) She likes shoes. She is definitely her father's daughter.
16) She particularly likes flip-flops. And boots.
17) She can put on her own shoes & socks.
18) She rarely wants to wear shoes & socks.

19) She's able to count to 10 in Vietnamese...but she usually forgets 7 & 8.
20) She's able to count to 3 in English.
21) She can almost sing her ABCs. They're great up until H and sometimes K, then she mumbles until P and only sorta gets Q through V, but she finishes strongly.
22) She can recognize and name the written letters A, B, C, D, O, T and X.

23) She can use scissors with respectable dexterity. She likes to cut up pictures from magazines and glue them to paper.
24) She's very careful when she cuts close to her fingers. We like that.
25) But sometimes we let her run with scissors.
26) She is very careful when she runs with scissors.

27) She hasn't figured out that the glue stick is not a crayon.
28) She hasn't figured out that the glue stick is not chapstick.

29) When she cries, she tells us (in VN, between sobs) that her "eyes are wet".

30) She likes to have her toe nails painted. She usually chooses pink.

31) She likes to play with her bellybutton.
32) She likes to play with mama's bellybutton.

33) Trinhity eats her broccoli.
34) She usually makes Daddy dance for her as a reward for eating her broccoli.
35) Her most popular requests are the running man and the moonwalk.
36) Sometimes she tries to do the moonwalk herself.

37) She likes her carrots raw.
38) She likes her edamame overcooked.

39) Trinhity is picky about what she eats. We have to ask her in the morning if she wants cereal or toast (made from rice flour, of course) or eggs -- and if those eggs should be hardboiled or scrambled.
40) That said, she eats very healthy stuff, no sweets or junk food.
41) Except for Pirate's Booty. But we don't let her eat it for breakfast.

42) She never eats a large quantity in a single sitting. She prefers lots of little (hopefully healthy) snacks throughout the day.

43) Only in the past month has she developed a taste for fruit juice.
44) She calls apple-prune juice the "juice to help her poop".

45) Mama has taught her to bat her eyelashes.
46) She can give butterfly kisses.

47) She has mama's temper.
48) When she's mad, she crosses her arms in front of her chest, tells us (in VN) "Trinh mad!", then turns her back to us.
49) We have a hard time not laughing when she is mad.
50) But she never stays mad for long.

Colorado: The Clarks, in signage

Scott & Tina scored some new signage for the house. Just in case you got inside their house and wanted to know whose house it was, these signs would help you.

07 April 2007

Colorado: The Grandparent Pix

We also got a number of nice shots of Trinhity with both Grandma & Grandpa Clark. Here goes!

06 April 2007

Colorado: The Grandpa Files

Trinhity spent a bunch of time playing with Grandpa on the Colorado trip. Here are some of those shots from the first day...

05 April 2007

Colorado: Wheels

We snuck in a quick trip to Colorado a few weeks back. This is the first in a series of those exciting posts....hold your breath for The Great White North!

You've heard of carbon credits, right? Well, we cashed in whatever personal karma carbon credits we've accumulated when we bought a hybrid car by renting a Hummer for the Colorado trip. Hey...it was either this or a PT Cruiser, and I just can't shake the idea that a PT Cruiser is the modern El Camino.

Besides, he made me a upgrade deal I couldn't refuse. Trinh liked it...

Of course, Trinh is an excellent driver. Back to Houston for a moment: ông ngoại got her this very pink Jeep last Christmas. He lets her drive slow on the driveway. But I'm fairly certain that when he's not looking, she cruises the cul-de-sac for boys.

03 April 2007


Mother Superior just reminded me that I'd forgotten to post these gems. You'll note that Trinh now has enough hair to have ponytails. She calls them "horns", and she's never happy with just one -- she's gotta have two. We find this devastatingly cute. But then, we would.

02 April 2007

Fashionista, again

Our little fashionista is back. Check these out...

Friends @ Lupe's

WARNING: she was particularly cute on the day these shots were taken. I snapped a lot of pictures, and more than usual passed muster. Apologies if they're redundant.

One of our local kid-friendly restaurants is called Lupe Tortillas. Their tortillas really are quite good, but the kicker for us is the sandpit with the playground toys. Trinh also loves all the animals they've scattered around the restaurant....