08 April 2007

150 Things About Trinhity - Part One

It has been mentioned in passing that this blog has lost its edge. I fear this is true. Not that this will save it, but in honor of our 150th posting on this blog (+/- a few), we offer some 150 Things About Trinhity.

We've blatantly stolen this idea from the witty chap over at the Daddy Forever blog. Slide on over and check it out.

Note that all of these are relevant for roughly the 22 month stage unless designated otherwise. Perhaps we'll do another one of these to mark future stages.

1) Trinhity likes potty humour.
2) When she starts to play with her dollhouse, the first thing she does is put her little dolls on their little doll potty.
3) Once she's made them go pee, she washes their little butts in the little doll sink. Then she laughs.

4) She's into nose picking.
5) She's also into booger eating. When we tell her that her boogers are gross. She looks at us gravely and replies, "No. They're yummy."
6) Then she offers her boogers to us.

7) She has a wheat allergy. She's never eaten pizza, or cookies, or cake.
8) Her favorite food is still white rice. Not brown rice, white rice.

9) Trinhity gives fabulous heart-melting bear hugs.
10) She also gives sweet, tender kisses.
11) Said hugs & kisses are frequently given randomly, at will.

12) She was a breastfed baby.
13) She is a breastfed toddler.
14) She will *not* be a breastfed teenager.

15) She has strong opinions about what clothes she wants to wear.
15) She likes shoes. She is definitely her father's daughter.
16) She particularly likes flip-flops. And boots.
17) She can put on her own shoes & socks.
18) She rarely wants to wear shoes & socks.

19) She's able to count to 10 in Vietnamese...but she usually forgets 7 & 8.
20) She's able to count to 3 in English.
21) She can almost sing her ABCs. They're great up until H and sometimes K, then she mumbles until P and only sorta gets Q through V, but she finishes strongly.
22) She can recognize and name the written letters A, B, C, D, O, T and X.

23) She can use scissors with respectable dexterity. She likes to cut up pictures from magazines and glue them to paper.
24) She's very careful when she cuts close to her fingers. We like that.
25) But sometimes we let her run with scissors.
26) She is very careful when she runs with scissors.

27) She hasn't figured out that the glue stick is not a crayon.
28) She hasn't figured out that the glue stick is not chapstick.

29) When she cries, she tells us (in VN, between sobs) that her "eyes are wet".

30) She likes to have her toe nails painted. She usually chooses pink.

31) She likes to play with her bellybutton.
32) She likes to play with mama's bellybutton.

33) Trinhity eats her broccoli.
34) She usually makes Daddy dance for her as a reward for eating her broccoli.
35) Her most popular requests are the running man and the moonwalk.
36) Sometimes she tries to do the moonwalk herself.

37) She likes her carrots raw.
38) She likes her edamame overcooked.

39) Trinhity is picky about what she eats. We have to ask her in the morning if she wants cereal or toast (made from rice flour, of course) or eggs -- and if those eggs should be hardboiled or scrambled.
40) That said, she eats very healthy stuff, no sweets or junk food.
41) Except for Pirate's Booty. But we don't let her eat it for breakfast.

42) She never eats a large quantity in a single sitting. She prefers lots of little (hopefully healthy) snacks throughout the day.

43) Only in the past month has she developed a taste for fruit juice.
44) She calls apple-prune juice the "juice to help her poop".

45) Mama has taught her to bat her eyelashes.
46) She can give butterfly kisses.

47) She has mama's temper.
48) When she's mad, she crosses her arms in front of her chest, tells us (in VN) "Trinh mad!", then turns her back to us.
49) We have a hard time not laughing when she is mad.
50) But she never stays mad for long.

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