05 April 2007

Colorado: Wheels

We snuck in a quick trip to Colorado a few weeks back. This is the first in a series of those exciting posts....hold your breath for The Great White North!

You've heard of carbon credits, right? Well, we cashed in whatever personal karma carbon credits we've accumulated when we bought a hybrid car by renting a Hummer for the Colorado trip. Hey...it was either this or a PT Cruiser, and I just can't shake the idea that a PT Cruiser is the modern El Camino.

Besides, he made me a upgrade deal I couldn't refuse. Trinh liked it...

Of course, Trinh is an excellent driver. Back to Houston for a moment: ông ngoại got her this very pink Jeep last Christmas. He lets her drive slow on the driveway. But I'm fairly certain that when he's not looking, she cruises the cul-de-sac for boys.

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