20 May 2007

Pecking Order

Tonight when we were reading books to Trinh and winding down for bedtime, she asked, "Sách của ai?" Whose book is this?

"Của Trinh," we replied. Your book.

Then we ran through a short litany of possessives. Whose shirt? Whose feet? Whose monkey? Whose teddy? Whose nose? Whose hairy leg?

She (correctly) declared that most of those belong to her; no, she didn't claim the last one. Then I asked, "Mama
của ai?" Who owns the Mama? Of course, she claimed the Mama-san.

Then we asked, "Trinh của
ai?" She thought about that for a couple seconds, then said, "Mama!"

You see where this is going. Pouting, I asked, "Daddy
của ai?"

She didn't even pause. She said, "Daddy
của Trinh Mama!"

As if there was a question about where I sit in the familial pecking order. Sigh.

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