09 June 2007

Two Fat People

Trinh has recently taken a shine to Bánh Bò Nướng, the Vietnamese answer to sponge cake. Tonight we spent a few minutes sitting out in the driveway -- apparently the traditional Houstonian method of really enjoying this godawful heat -- and Trinh ate a couple slices while perched on Mama's lap.

She offered some to Mama. Mama said, "No, it'll make me fat." Then we asked,
"Trinh bụng to, không?" ["Does Trinh have a big belly?"]

She promptly pointed to us and replied, "Không. Hai người mập!" ["No. You two people are fat!"]

08 June 2007

One of Ours

"She's smart and beautiful...and not just because she's one of ours."
-- common Serbian saying

03 June 2007


For once, I think we're pretty much caught up. But I just took a spin back through the galleries and found one as-yet-unposted shot that amused me....

Gnosh ("nosh") [verb]

- to eat in abundance;
- to noisily chomp on foodstuffs;
- to make strange monkey-like sounds while eating;

Example: "We were so hungry after our afternoon at the pool that all we wanted to do was gnosh."
Example: "Dude, you are like totally gnoshin' on that moose meat!"

01 June 2007


The Child rose early, as is her recent custom -- 5:36 AM, to be precise. She wanted the Mama, as she is wont to do. She got some Mama, then wanted to go downstairs with Daddy to eat eggs. She likes eggs -- especially the way Daddy makes them.

Come to think of it, we all like eggs the way Daddy makes them. His secret: he learned it all from Mama.

And so we ate eggs: scrambled with Mexican cheese, a touch of Feta and mesquite turkey. Then Mama came down after her beauty rest -- she's simply radiant these days. She said, "Hey, what're these blue things?" Daddy said, "Oh, those came last night. They're for Trinh's birthday. They're from Auntie Diane."

Trinh perked up. Daddy said, "Trinh, there's a surprise for you. You should go find it." She got excited. She ran to the outer room. She found the blue presents. She said, "Blue for Trinh!" She tore open the first present -- a cute striped outfit from Children's Place. She started to count the buttons sewed onto the heart...in Vietnamese, of course.

Mama & Daddy beamed. We're very proud of her counting. And we very much like the outfit.

Then she tore into the other present: a blue t-shirt from Alaska. She pointed to the bear and said, "Baby Bear" in VN. Then she pointed to the fish and the mosquito and named them (also in VN). She was confused momentarily by the moose, then she called it a deer, then she asked what it was. We said "Moose!" because we haven't a bloody clue how to say "moose" in Vietnamese.

In fact, we strongly suspect that Vietnamese doesn't have a word for Moose. We've never seen it on a menu, and that's fairly decisive. After all, if you don't eat it, why even bother naming it?

The Child said "Moooose!" with exuberance. Then she wanted to "wear the blue shirt". But it's not washed yet, we protested. The Child would not relent. She was very excited about the shirt, and she was especially pleased that it's blue.

We caved. We helped her put on the shirt. Then she found the card. She liked the flower on the card. She opened and closed it over and over.

And so, Auntie Diane, we believe it would be gross understatement to say that your gifts were soundly appreciated -- by us, very much, but more importantly by The Child.

Thank you, Diane. May the pictures bring a smile to your face.