05 July 2007

More Belated Birthday

This year's birthday party was a reasonably quiet affair, at least in comparison to kids' birthday parties our friends have thrown. We decorated Nha Ong Ba again, and this year Mama made a batch of yummy wheat-free carrot (cup)cakes!

Yes, that's a turtle. He wasn't exactly a birthday present -- more like a last-minute party crasher. As we turned into the cul-de-sac at Nha Ong Ba, we saw this poor little fella struggling to cross the street. We invited him to the party, and he reluctantly came along -- then proved to be wholly anti-social the entire time, taking only the smallest nip at the lettuce we offered.

While he did spend the night in a box downstairs, we elected not to keep him. We originally thought he was just a helpless baby, but after considerable Googling, I believe he's actually a full-grown male mud turtle. They supposedly make fine pets, except that they need a large tank, frequent water changes, and they sometimes carry salmonella. We'd have killed him within days.

Thus, we transported Mr. Turtle to a new home at our local duck pond the next morning. I made a big fuss about letting Trinh release him, and she seemed pleased to let him go -- but I can see how future releases of potential pets may not go down so gracefully.

Meanwhile, back at the party...

What are those things called, anyway? Never mind. But she also blew out her candle unassisted...uh, several times. In fact, we had to re-light her candle four times, to be exact.

Next year....well, who knows? At this rate, she'll be off to college already.

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littlemissmina! said...

The party girl looks SO pretty!