31 August 2007

Baby Butt Jokes

We usually plop down into bed with Trinhity for a few minutes when she wakes up from her daily naps. Yesterday just after she awoke, she pointed to Huong's feet and said, "Cái gì đó?" ("What are those?")

Huong said, "Chân của Mama." ("Mama's feet.")

Trinh said, "Hah, hah! Con nghĩ cái đó là đít của Mama!" ("Hah, hah! I thought it was your butt!")

...then broke into peals of laughter. Oh my.

28 August 2007


"Zib-bid-di-dah, hab-a-di-dah!"
-- Baloo the Bear, 1967

"Zib-bid-di-dah, hab-a-di-dah!"
-- Trinhity the Baby Bear, 28th August 2007


26 August 2007

Who Cut Him in Half?

One night last week Trinh & I strolled out to get the mail, her perched on my shoulders. There was a bright half-moon out, and I pointed it out to her. She made a comment about the moon being a ball...but broken. [Literal Vietnamese: "Mặt trăng ban hư rồi!"]

I said, "Yes, dear, that's right! When the moon is barely visible but growing each night, we say it's a "new moon" that is "waxing". When it's round like a ball, we call it a "full moon". When it's getting smaller, we say it's "waning". When it's like this, we say it's a "half-moon". See, it looks sorta like somebody took a ball and cut it in half!" She nodded.

Technically, it's either First Quarter or Last Quarter, but hell if I can even keep the waxing / waning thing straight. It's cutting into my fishing down here, too, what with trying to understand the bloody tides and all.

Besides, there's no point in confusing the girl on such matters. She can figure out the finer points *after* she turns three. And somewhere along the line she'll also figure out that I don't actually know much about most of the stuff I've tried to teach her. That should be a fun day for both of us, oh yes...

Anyway. She thought about that for a minute or two, then said, "The moon has a face. Who cut him in half?"

Boys Drive Trucks

This morning at La Madeline, our usual weekend breakfast dive, Trinh & I watched in bemusement as someone driving a truck took at least five attempts to park in a (relatively large) spot with only one other car bordering.

[Note here that I'm paraphrasing -- and since I'm also a fisherman, that no doubt means I'm embellishing as well. Thing is, our conversations take place in an odd mix of English and Vietnamese, baby speak and geezerese, and frankly, I tend to grasp the meaning and pay little attention to the actual words used. I do, however, have scruples...so I'm not making this stuff up outright. The punchlines are accurate in meaning, even if they're not verbatim.]

[Note also that because I'm paraphrasing, the sentences appear to be generally grammatically correct. Clarification: if we're speaking English, my sentences actually are grammatically correct -- and Trinh's probably are not. She'll get there, I'm not worried. If we're speaking Vietnamese, her grammar and tones probably *are* correct, and mine almost certainly are not. I may never become as fluent as she is now. I'm not sure if I should be proud or depressed.]

I said something like, "Wow. That person doesn't know how to drive." Trinh said something like, "Which person?" I said, "The person driving that truck." Trinh said, "Oh," then went back to eating her eggs.

We talked about something else, then watched the truck again. Because I'm un-politically correct sot with an over-active fascination with common culturally-induced stereotypes, I wondered aloud, "Do you think that's a man or a woman?"

Trinh said, "Who is a man or a woman?" I said, "The person driving that truck."

She said, "Oh. It's a boy. Boys drive trucks. Girls sit in the other seat."

26 months. From whence doth this stuff come?

25 August 2007


Monkey in the Bath!


Remember those Wacky Wall Walker things we played with in the 80s? Well, a similar incarnation has surfaced, but they don't walk down the walls -- they stick to windows as faux stained glass: flowers, birdies, fish, you name it.

They also stick to Daddies.

04 August 2007

Good Hair Day

For most people, this would be a BAD hair day. But given how long we've waited for hair, we think this is a wonderful hair day!