18 September 2007

Saving the Daddy

I stepped on a water moccasin yesterday.  That's usually not a good idea, but I got away with it. 

I'd slipped out to the local bayou (read: ditch) for a few minutes of pleasurable (if futile) indulgence:  chasing carp with a fly rod.  I walked through the high grass towards the water, and my final step close to the bank landed on something softer than expected.  I stepped back quickly, then looked down upon what appeared to be coils of a very large, dead snake. 

Except that he wasn't dead.  Some gentle prodding with the rod tip provoked no reaction, and for a few fatal seconds I entertained the idea of reaching down with my hand.  Fortunately, common sense took over and I poked a bit harder with the rod instead.

He exploded -- but away from me, towards the water.  Naturally, that simple fact didn't keep me from leaping approximately 11 feet in the air and taking 17 steps backwards in one smooth, graceful motion punctuated by one very loud expletive.

Not only did he spoke the carp I was chasing, he spooked me too.  I fished for a few minutes, then retreated to go pick up Trinh.

When I told Trinhity on the way home that I'd seen a big snake, she reached out her little arms and said, "Trinh protect Daddy!  Trinh save Daddy!  Trinh tìm Daddy and đánh! đánh! đánh! con rắn!" 
(last sentence:  "Trinh finds Daddy and whack whack whack the snake!")

13 September 2007

Toe Tips

Yesterday Trinh was lazing in bed with Mama after her nap. She put one of her feet to the Mama Nose and said, "Giả bộ ngón chân của Trinh là Q-tip. Con nhét lên mũi Mama tìm boogers!"

Translation: "Pretend my big toe is a Q-tip. I'm gonna stick it up your nose and look for boogers!"

06 September 2007

Puppet Show

We've stumbled across some enjoyable kids' books, the "If you..." series by Laura Numeroff. One of them, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, features a puppet show.

Trinh was immediately inspired. We threw up a backdrop under the counter for her to decorate...

...then she scoured the house for her puppets.

First the monkey climbed the tree....then he went looking for a swing!

05 September 2007


It seems to be common knowledge that Trinhity's proficiency in Vietnamese passed Daddy by roughly seven months ago -- much to my chagrin.  For awhile I couldn't decide to be pleased with her prowess or disappointed in my own.  Since then she has taken to translating for me, graciously instructing me when there are words I don't know, and (publicly) correcting my incurable pronunciation.

But today....today I feel vindicated!

You see, today it happened to Mommy, too.  Trinh wanted to play on the slide at the playground, and she told the Mama in perfectly clear Vietnamese:  "Trinh muốn đi chơi cầu trượt."  Thing is, Mama didn't know "cầu trượt", at least not in that sense.

I'd have given anything to have witnessed this.  Apparently Trinh got fairly annoyed and told Huong that she wasn't saying it right, then painstakingly corrected her.

Ahhh...it's so nice to have company.  But at this rate, I'm positive she'll be off to college within weeks -- perhaps to study linguistics.