28 October 2007

Baby Surf

These are from the most recent Galveston beach trip in early October. We knew she liked to play in the waves, but she's taking it to a whole new level here...

With some help from BaBa...

...she'll be carving soon!

The Fashionista Returns

27 October 2007

Trinh Be With Daddy

During dinner last night Trinh asked what Mommy was doing.  "She's at yoga," I said.  "Oh," she replied, then resumed munching on seaweed.

Then I thought about how Trinh can do her " wai" and decided she was ready for the whole enchilada:  I'd teach her to say " namaste".

She said it beautifully.  We practiced a few times.  Then she asked what it meant.  I debated briefly, then decided not to embark on explaining what it means to "recognize the divinity within you" to a toddler -- as if I know myself. 

Instead, I told her it meant "Peace be with you."  Close 'nuff, I figured.

"No," she said firmly.  "Trinh be with Daddy.  Who is 'Peace'?"

19 October 2007

Life & Work, Actually

Huong's parents are headed to Hawaii tomorrow for a couple weeks, so today after their nap, Huong & Trinhity called to see if the 'rents would like to go out to eat tonight.  No, they're going to stay home and finish some leftovers.  Huong hung up and went into the kitchen.

A couple minutes later, she heard her father's voice.  Trinh had managed to call them back, put them on speakerphone, and was earnestly inviting them out to dinner.  "Ông Bà đi nhà hàng với Trinh!"  Then BàBà got on the phone and asked Trinh, "Trinh có tiền, không?"  (do you have money?).  Trinh said, "Không." (No).  Then BàBà told her that she'd have to go to work to get money so that she could pay for dinner.

Trinh burst into tears.  You see, Trinh knows all about going to work.  Daddy has made it abundantly clear that when he goes to work, he misses her terribly.  Mommy & Trinh miss Daddy when he's at work.  Work is quite obviously a very, very bad thing.  It means that you have to be all alone away from the people you love.  She found this devastating.

Huong, struck with that peculiar mix of sympathy and bemusement that I believe to be in the exclusive domain of parents, finally soothed her by promising that she can have all of our money.  Oh, great....I see where this is going.

In other news, Trinh's word of the day has been "actually".  We believe that she got this one from Daddy.  She's been saying things like, "I'm going to do [this]....no, actually, I'm going to do [that]."  We're actually very pleased.  If she's exceptionally articulate, maybe someday she'll actually be able to make her own money.

17 October 2007

More Babywearing...

Ya gotta love friends who let you steal their work in exchange for nothing but a few words of praise and free marketing.

Rebecca-Linh, photographer par excellance, has worked us into her busy schedule and posted more shots of Trinh & Daddy on her blog.

Here's the teaser: there are more great shots on her blog. Don't read what she wrote about us though, it's all lies. Nice lies, but pure nonsense.

But while you're at it, check out her uber-slick new website. Do it. Now.

Rebecca-Linh? You rock. Thanks.

14 October 2007

Random Roundup

Still wrapping up September, here are a few more random shots...

After a trip to IKEA. We couldn't resist the finger puppets...among other things.

Rockin' on the mando with Daddy...

Someday she'll appreciate how cool those picks really are.

This was at the Children's Museum. She's a very good driver.

Hathor returns once again! It's possible that she'll turn a hat trick this year...


Silly Daddy


Both Mama & Trinh are still doing yoga. This is a well-known pose, Vriksha-asana, usually called "tree" pose. Trinh can do it unassisted for a couple seconds, but I haven't caught it on film....yet.

And for our Thai friends, check out this wai!

Phantom of the Bathtub

An innocent bubble bath...

...that went terribly wrong.

Beach Birds

Grandparents @ Galveston

Maui it ain't, but we've taken to renting beach houses (see VRBO.com) down in Galveston for the occasional weekend. The beaches down-island (away from town) aren't terrible, and with the sand only a few steps from the door, there's something for all of us...

...Ông gets to fish in the surf...

BàBà & Trinh spend hours on end happily playing in the sand and waves...

I get to sneak off with my fly rod to chase redfish and trout (mostly unsuccessfully, but there's still hope of converting mountain boy here to saltwater fishing)...

...and best of all, the Mama gets to relax.

The Clark grandparents -- Dan & Sandy -- were down for a long weekend in late September...

Trinh rather likes having all her people in one place....

Shake your Booo...

Some alert readers may recall the "Shake Your Boooya" post from last April. You'll be pleased to know that it has now been updated.

Yesterday we were eating at our favorite Korean BBQ place, and they (somewhat incongruously) played that song. Trinh listened for a minute or two, then started singing along. We chuckled. Then she gave us both a mischievous look and launched into a refrain of "Shake, Shake, Shake Your Boooger..."

Oh yummy.

Shadow Flower


Back in early August, many of Trinh's scribbles started to look less like scribbles and more like art.

She's been drawing honest circles (defined as a roughly circular shape that's closed) for a few months, but it was only recently that she figured out how to add eyes. And noses. And smiles. And hair. And beards. And ears (sometimes). And tongues. Hmmm.

But while I love those faces, it's still her smile I like most...

La Madeline Revisited

Trinh & I still have a standing date on Saturday mornings: breakfast at La Madeline. They have a nice stone fireplace, silly as that seems here in Texas. Got these shots back in August...

08 October 2007

Random Trinh 'n' Us Shots

More catching up from August & September. Here are the random Daddy 'n' Trinh shots...

Those are cute, here are some of Trinh by herself...

Followed by the silly Mama 'n' Trinh shots...

And then the sweeter Mama 'n' Trinh pix...

And last but not least, some Di Trang & Trinh shots...