27 October 2007

Trinh Be With Daddy

During dinner last night Trinh asked what Mommy was doing.  "She's at yoga," I said.  "Oh," she replied, then resumed munching on seaweed.

Then I thought about how Trinh can do her " wai" and decided she was ready for the whole enchilada:  I'd teach her to say " namaste".

She said it beautifully.  We practiced a few times.  Then she asked what it meant.  I debated briefly, then decided not to embark on explaining what it means to "recognize the divinity within you" to a toddler -- as if I know myself. 

Instead, I told her it meant "Peace be with you."  Close 'nuff, I figured.

"No," she said firmly.  "Trinh be with Daddy.  Who is 'Peace'?"

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