01 November 2007

Innocence Lost

There comes a time in every child's life when certain truths are revealed, the fabric of life torn back to reveal the springs and mechanisms of the eternal. With each new epiphany, a bit of innocence is lost, tucked into the folds of childhood "as one loses forever the image in a kaleidescope."

The time is nearing for our first-born child, Trinhity, our beloved little Threes, to shed a layer of innocence and face one of the great mystical and universal Facts of Life. Such a difficult burden for one so young! But we hope that with our patient assistance, she will transition gracefully into this new phase of growth.

Trinhity has been spending lots of time with Daddy these days. She is curious and perplexed by the changes that surround her.

We gently illuminate the complexities of life and love to our little princess. We have elucidated how love, a deeply shared love, can sometimes create life. New life.

She smiles and embraces this idea of new life. You see, she is anticipating the arrival of her new sibling in January, 2008.

Note: if you're confused and/or disturbed, this webpage published in early 2005 may provide some useful context. Consider yourself warned.