15 December 2007

The Annual Pumpkin Patch

Huong found a fantastic pumpkin patch for this year's requisite annual fall photo-op: TGR Exotics. Thing is, it's not even remotely a pumpkin farm -- it's actually a working ranch of sorts for exotic animals (think Bengal Tiger) in a quasi-residential neighborhood between Houston proper and The Woodlands. Who'd have thunk it?

The pumpkins were almost a sideshow; front stage was that precious little joey, the llamas...

...and a host of other little fuzzy creatures. We'll definitely be back next year; the owners and staff were friendly, fun and knowledgeable, and all three of us were fascinated with the fauna. We're even considering giving them a ring to see if they'd run us a quick tour sometime during the off-season. I mean, seriously...have you ever even heard of a binturong, a coendo or a tamanduas -- much less seen one?

Anyhoo, back to the pumpkins...

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