25 December 2007

A Christmas Miracle

We still don't have a TV, but Huong's parents do. Several nights ago -- that is, a night (or two) before Christmas, they happened to watch an animated Christmas special that included Santa Claus. Trinh has seen the big inflatable Santas around our neighborhood (she calls them "ông Nô-en", literally "Grandfather Christmas"), but she didn't really know the story.

As they watched, she asked Bàbà "ông Nô-en làm gì?" (what's he doing?). Bàbà explained that Santa flies around at Christmas and delivers presents for all the little kids. She absorbed this quietly.

At the next commercial, Trinh took Bàbà's hand and walked her over to the Christmas tree in the next room. She said, "Look, I already have lots of presents. See, I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 presents! Santa Claus doesn't need to come here."

May it always be thus. It won't be, of course. But for this year, it's enough.

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J9 said...

I like this little story.