31 December 2007

Halloween Hoots

It's a heckuva thing to do, post a Halloween blog on New Year's Eve. But hey, whatever. Ya gotta go through Halloween (and Thanksgiving, and Christmas) to get here, right?

This year marked yet another triumphant return of Hathor, the Cow Goddess. Trinh hasn't noticed that she's been a cow for both of the previous Halloweens, and perhaps someday she'll hate us for that. But she does love the costume, as do we, and it still fits.

The hot pink boots were a nice touch this year, we thought. That, and The Very Pregnant Mama-san spent hours slaving away at a scarecrow costume for Daddy. Daddy will probably be a scarecrow for the rest of his life -- but he'll still be grateful.

We were out storming the neighborhood until waaaay past Trinhity's usual bedtime, but we had a *great* time...even if we barely got out of the cul-de-sac. We met up with some of Trinhity's girlfriends from the neighborhood: Camila, Sofia and Faith. I haven't felt so young in decades.

The bigger SuperGirl is Camila, and her sister Sofia is the only slightly smaller SuperGirl. The role of Princess Leia is being played by Faith. Uh, and that's me...Mr. Scarecrow. For those of you who know the joke, it's almost a step up from my usual role as Wizard.

A couple parting shots...

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