31 December 2007

The Spoils of Halloween Past

Trinh really caught us off-guard with her post-Halloween antics this year. She really doesn't have much of a sweet-tooth; she never has, although she has discovered M&M's this year. However, we weren't prepared for the carnage, the horror. Perhaps she's taken Halloween a bit too seriously?

Yes, she's about to decapitate a skeleton gummy.

Off with his head!!

Perhaps it wasn't clear enough. Here's a close-up of the action:

It didn't stop there, of course...

That deserves a close-up too, don't ya think?

But here's what really cracked us up -- ah, I mean, what really traumatized us: the mirth, the joy, the vivre with which she carved up these creepy characters...

She's vicious, I tell ya. Look at that face! And to do such dastardly deeds with those cute little frog scissors...it's just chilling.

And you know what she did after that? She piled up those disembodied parts on the poor, innocent jack-o-lantern...and said that they were boooogers! Can you believe the gall?

Well, now. Disturbed as we were (are), we still think it beats actually eating that crap...

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