03 January 2008


Alert readers may recall a couple relatively recent postings here (and here) that tied back to our photographer friend's blog and website, Rebecca-Linh.

Well, we did a proper photo shoot with her a couple weeks ago, and she posted some proofs last week. She gave us waaay more blog space than we'd anticipated...
Ready for more? Go here.

I really can't say enough nice stuff about Rebecca-Linh. Not only does she get some amazing shots, she possesses Photoshop skills worthy of a magnificent pagan deity. She has treated us like royalty, and she's got a wicked sense of humor to boot.

A small example from the photo shoot: you'll note that our couch is outside. I have no witnesses, but I gotta tell ya, hefting that thing from the living room to the backyard by myself was no small feat.

In fact, I was feeling moderately manly about it.

Within moments of matter-of-factly requesting such a mannish deed, Rebecca-Linh promptly demanded that I paint my daughter's fingernails a lovely shade of hot pink.

Never mind that I paint Trinh's nails all the time, nor that I'm not half-bad at it, nor that I'm the foolish sot who's been pregnant on the internet twice now. It's the irony you're supposed to be getting here, the humourous juxtaposition of macho against emasculated in which Rebecca-Linh seems to find devilish delight.

She's a bit wicked, methinks. We like her.

In fact, we have another shoot scheduled with her in a few weeks, just after the Mancub arrives. She's threatening to make me shave my arms. Check back, you'll want to see this.

Or maybe you won't. But check out her blog and her website. We think it's good stuff.

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