07 January 2008

C'mere Sweet Big Boy

This has been happening for a couple weeks. It still disturbs me.

One evening I was chasing a little naked girl around the upstairs after her bath, and I said, "Hey! C'mere, little guuuurl...."

She turned around, gave me a sly look and a wicked grin and drawled, "No. You c'mere...big boy."

When do they teach stuff like that to little girls? Is it while we're away fighting the good fight to bring home the bacon? I mean, seriously. It was scary.

Tonight saw a sweeter twist: I hauled her out of her car seat in the garage and said, "C'mere, sweet pea..." She responded with, "C'mere, sweet boy..."

Hallelujah. Maybe there's still a toddler in there somewhere. Instead of a teenager.

1 comment:

J9 said...

Oh my god I laughed out loud at this one.
It reminded me of my friend Megan telling me a story of giving her nephew a bath years ago and when she got out the washcloth and started washing his back he stopped and went "oooooh, scrubby - DUBBY!"