19 January 2008

I'm an Ant!

If you haven't seen the previous post about The Ant Bully, check it out before you read this one. Not just because it's already my favorite story of 2008, but also because this posting is again about ants.

See, the ants in the movie like to eat jelly beans. After she & I finished the movie yesterday, she went looking for Ông and yelling that she wanted kẹo (candy) for her "Halloween breakfast".

To my chagrin, he offered her a Cadbury Mini-Egg. She loves 'em, and I can't say much since I'm powerless to stop eating those stupid things myself. I worked in a Cadbury chocolate factory during the winter of 2004-05, and they were EVERYWHERE. It was heaven and hell combined, and I'll never admit how many I ate.

Anyhoo, I lured her home with a promise that we'd poke through the leftovers of her Halloween candy stash and see what looked good. About halfway home she got quiet and thoughtful, then burst into tears. The gist: "All we have at home are M&Ms, and M&Ms are yucky. I wanna go back to nhà Ông Bà and eat eggs!!"

I slyly redirected by asking if she was an ant. Yes, she declared emphatically, "I'm an ant!" I said, "Fine! Since you're an ant, we'll go find some jelly beans for you." She agreed.

We got home, dug through the pantry, found the jelly beans, and she eagerly popped a green one into her mouth. She chewed. And chewed. And chewed. And chewed some more. I got her a drink of water.

She took a long swig, then looked up at me and said, "Daddy? I'm not an ant anymore."

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