19 January 2008

Soap Fer Bums

For better or worse, Trinhity's been watching a movie called The Ant Bully at nhà Ông Bà lately. We were mildly disturbed at first by her stories of marauding caterpillars and frogs, but she's been riveted by the film.

She tells us that she's a big gurl, she's not afraid -- until the movie starts, then she claims to be "Trinh nhỏ xíu!" (Trinh's little!) and runs for a lap. Somebody always sits with her, and we explain the action -- she has questions about EVERYTHING. That's how we rationalize her TV time: she isn't alone, we're always actively participating and educating.

There's a scene where the little boy is explaining to his ant friends about an exterminator's weapons, including "sulfur bombs". At that point she turned to Huong and asked, "Tại sao nó có xà bông đít?" Direct translation: "Why does he have soap for the butt?"

Or, as Trinh thought she heard in English: "Why does he have 'soapferbums'?"

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