07 January 2008

Sweet Baby Chim (reprise)

It's been a long time since my little girl has wanted me to sing to her. For someone who sings pretty much ALL the time, even when I'm not singing out loud, that's been hard.

Heartbreaking, in fact. I mean, last week she told me I was a bad singer, and then later, that she doesn't like Leonard Cohen anymore. Not that she knows who he is. Which might be a good thing.

Anyway, she threw me out of the bedroom tonight at storytime saying that no, she really wanted to go to sleep with Mommy tonight. Daddy go away.

Of course, I always listen on the monitor -- sometimes she does want me to put her to sleep, and I rush upstairs to sneak in as many minutes as I can. Tonight came a new request, though: "Daddy, please sing Sweet Baby Chims to me?"

Oh man, what do you say to that? You sing, of course. So I did -- and she talked through most of it. But I decided not to push my luck, so I stopped after one verse and the chorus, gave her a kiss and said good-night.

She responded (in a pleased voice), "Go away now, Daddy."

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