09 February 2008

Piggy Bank

I've been working from home for roughly three weeks now, and I'm theoretically going into the office at 06:30 AM this coming Monday.  My beloved Mother-in-Law will be taking over my responsibilities next week for making the girls breakfast, keeping the house cleaned, changing diapers, etc.

Mama was trying to explain to Trinh that BàBà would be here next week, but that after that, both BàBà and Daddy would have to go back to work -- it's going to be just the three of them at home.  Trinh asked, "Why?"  Well, because both BàBà and Daddy have to make money so we can eat and buy stuff....

"Why?!?  But BàBà has that piggy bank and it's just FULL of money!  Can't we borrow money from the piggy?"

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