17 May 2008

Is this a green bean?

Last week Huong whipped up a quick batch of 'house special' fried rice. Wholly at odds with the rest of her cooking, her cơm chiên sometimes includes frozen vegetables to augment the leftovers scrounged from the 'fridge.

Trinhity was poking through her bowl of fried rice and found a (formerly frozen) green bean. She bit it. She made a yucky face. She looked at Huong and asked, "Mama, is this a green bean?" Yes, dear, it is.

"It doesn't taste like a green bean." She bit it again, made a disgusted face, and spat it out. "Yuck!"

Thus her first -- and, unfortunately, not last -- encounter with frozen vegetables....

03 May 2008

The Spoils of Big Sisterhood

It's actually not so bad being the big sister. The best part so far was getting all the PRESENTS!! Not only have gifts come for Taison and Mama... but Trinhity has gotten quite a collection of new toys and clothes!! Trinhity likes presents. All presents that come to the house gets unwrapped by Trinhity. It's a tough gig but someone has to do it.

Trinhity has also shared in all the treats and yummies that have been sent to Mama. Here she is having a chocolate dipped strawberry from Shari's Berries and fruit from an Edible Arrangements. Mmmmmm....

A special thank you to all of our friends and family for the thoughtful gifts.
Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.


Trinhity has been able to use chopsticks now for over six months. But we've only recently (OK, a few months ago) been able to get documented proof.

How cool is that?? Even though she has proficient chopstick skills she still prefers to eat with her hands on most days. That's OK, so do we!

I Love Seaweed!!

Trinhity in general is an adventurous eater. We hope we have a future Foodie here! Her latest food obsession is seaweed. That is all she eats these days: seaweed with rice. She was introduced to roasted seaweed over six months ago by our Korean family (thanks Auntie Annie!) and she has been eating it practically every day since.... sometimes for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

She is very particular with how the rice is wrapped in the seaweed. Not too much rice... and it has to be just right...

She has gotten very good at rolling...


01 May 2008

Princess Panties

"Daddy," said Trinhity yesterday morning when I was in the closet getting dressed for work, "take off your panties and give them to me. I'm going to draw princesses on them and make them pretty."

I didn't take off my "panties" as directed; I adroitly changed the subject and finished getting dressed. You see, up until that point, I hadn't been aware that I was wearing "panties", nor that they needed princesses.

"Mommy," Trinh said today, "your panties are ugly." Mama stifled a chuckle and replied, "Really, dear? Why?"

"Because they don't have any princesses on them," came the answer.

Mama pushed it a step farther: "But what about Daddy's? Are his panties ugly, too?"

"No. His are pretty because I drew princesses on them."